Tommy Boy

I’ve never seen the film actually. This appears to be no great loss as it rates a mere 45% on the Tomatometer. But a propos to our discussion Tommy Boy is what is known in Zero Theology as the nickname of Tommaso d’Aquino, not that his friends or neighbours called him that. They didn’t. They called him the dumb ox, or something like that. Other people called him Stupor mundi which sounds like an insult but isn’t actually.

Anyhow, Tommy Boy wrote bucket-loads and books full of stuff then had a mystical experience and decided everything he wrote was “straw” by which he meant crap.

Here is a gif of an infinite number of cats checking into Hilbert’s Hotel for the week-end.

Hilbert's Hotel

where an infinite number of cats go to party

Now I could write a whole bunch of biographical stuff about Tommy Boy but I’m not going to do that because typing exacerbates my RSI and Wikipedia is the place to go for that stuff anyhow.

I just want to point out that Tommy Boy is incredibly famous for writing a billion– gazillion-page long work called Summa Theologia which he ultimately said amounted to nothing. So when someone dedicates their whole life to writing a near-infinity amount of words that add up to zero they are worth mentioning if the subject in your crib is Zero Theology. In fact they should be made patron saint of the place. In fact, they are. As of now. You’ve all seen the cat flushing a toilet on YouTube right?


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