What ya doin’ Marshall McLuhan?

And I quote: “McLuhan obviously is, as he himself declared, not a philosopher, a theorist, or a traditional scientist, for he is not concerned with concepts or functions (nor the laws that govern them), but rather an artist playing with percepts and affects — particularly since he probes the subliminal effects and the counter-intuitive effects of media while stressing the contemporary need for an intuitive study of the effects, or artefacts, media, and technologies, which he claimed had never been pursued earlier in history. In his work he carried this artistic aspect even into designing or co-designing a variety of “mixed media poetic” modes of typographical and/or pictorial presentation and arrangements, such as those in The Mechanical Bride and continuing on in his Counterblast (1954) and in such works as Explorations 8 (Verbi-Voco-Visual), the poetic “concrete essays” — The Medium is the Massage, War and Peace in the Global Village, Through the Vanishing Point, and Culture Is Our Business — culminating in the “tetrads” of Laws of Media, where photographs, typographical arrangement, and colour, diagrams, paintings, and the like are arranged in radical juxtapositions.” (Donald F. Theall, The Virtual Marshall McLuhan, pp. 13-14.)


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