What does history teach us

I most especially heart the Minoan octopus vase industry.

I most especially heart the Minoan octopus vase industry.

In 2000 BCE Minoan civilisation was pretty sweet. You would have preferred it to most times and places. It was affluent and comfortable. It was peaceful. Lots of wine, art, hanging about, a little opium on the side. The Minoans knew about concrete. The Minoans had ceramic engineering. The Minoans combined these two arts to create elaborate indoor plumbing systems. No one else in the world had these sort of luxurious loos until modern Europe started to think it was a good idea. In Minoan society women enjoyed complete equality with men. This extended to all occupations, even bullfighting.

Of course Minoan civilisation didn’t last forever. It was overthrown by the Mycenaeans who, though culturally crude, banked on military science. The fortified their cities. They concentrated their economic efforts on the production of weaponry. So here is one thing that history teaches us: Luxurious loos are no defence against a superpower that puts all its energies into creating a vast military-industrial complex. Such a society will win out in the end. But at what cost? Well, sometimes at the cost of affluence, comfort and equality for all, with all the extra perks like wine, art, luxurious loos, and a little opium on the side. Here is the predicament, the human condition such as it is even today.


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